Monday, June 7, 2010


So we are 4 days shy of pumping for one month.  In some ways it seems like yesterday and then sometimes it seems like we've been doing this forever.  Taylar's numbers have been slightly more cooperative but we have still seen our share of lows and highs.  I had it in my head that going on the pump would be a quick fix.  Boy was I wrong!  It's still a lot of work, if not more.  I am guessing it will get easier and I shouldn't complain seeing so we're only a month in.  When Taylar was first diagnosed, it took a while to figure out her shots too.  I'm just being impatient I guess. *sigh*

More changes were made on Friday at her first pump follow-up appointment so I'm back to getting up at 12 & 3am.  Well, I really haven't stopped checking her in the middle of the night but lately if her midnight check was in her range I would sleep through until the morning.  I was actually starting to feel like a person again!  But, not so fast!  Back to checking.  Ah well, that's okay.  It gives me peace of mind anyway.

Taylar and I went to Pennsylvania last weekend.  We drove.  For six hours.  I was dreading what this was going to do to her numbers, but I nailed it by using temp basal rates for the latter part of the drive.  You certainly can't do that on NPH!  (I had to pat myself on the back for that one.  Of course then we had pizza for dinner and, well, that was the end of that.  But I'll save that for another time.)

We also went for a hike at the beautiful Ricketts Glen in PA.  It's famous for the many waterfalls that you see along your way up the mountain.  If we lived closer I would be there all the time.  Anyway, we did not complete the whole trail to the top because I didn't think Taylar could make it the whole seven miles AND we were hiking with my almost-8- months pregnant sister!  Both of them did great though :)  An hour in Taylar's reading was 120 and that was after having a juice box.  We still had a ways to go and I did not want to deal with a low on the side of a mountain!  Now here is a huge reason why I love the OmniPod.  All I did was set her pod on a temporary basal of -25% for one hour.  It took us just about an hour to complete the hike and when we were done her reading was 150.  Yipee!  I called that one a success too. 

This is the 40 foot waterfall.  They kept getting bigger and bigger as we hiked. Just beautiful.

So for now I'm still learning and still hanging in there. There are only 9 days of school left for Taylar and I'm very excited about that.  I'm planning on enjoying this summer to its fullest.

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  1. your trip was definately one to remember, ha ha! The waterfall is gorgeous. I am glad the pump is working out, even if it is hard and frustrating at times. Just know that you are an amazing mom Lani, and you and Taylar are both doing great with this whole thing. So keep on keeping on, and when you feel discouraged just know that many people are proud of you both and your strength. I admire you!