Thursday, April 29, 2010


I've been trying to think of something different to add to my blog.  I do treat it as my diary for when I need to get something off my chest, but I think it needs a little bit of fun too.

One passion of mine is food.  Whether it's cooking or baking or looking at one of the very many cookbooks I have in my collection, I never tire of good food.  I guess that makes me a self proclaimed "foodie"!  I can't tell you how many Rachael Ray shows I have on my DVR right now.  Actually, I enjoy watching just about anything on the Food Network

Part of my cookbook collection. There are more on top of
this shelf, but it looked too messy to post!

When diabetes first become a part of our life I had a hard time cooking and especially baking for my family.  It kind of took the joy out of it when I had to get out the Calorie King to look up the carbohydrates in every recipe ingredient.  And making casseroles... it wasn't worth it. 

It's been just about nine months since my daughter's diagnosis and I've just recently gotten back in to making cookies and banana breads and things.  I didn't realize how much I missed it!  With our pump start date right around the corner, I imagine letting my daughter eat "normal" foods will be easier to manage.  Right now we're on such a strict eating schedule it's tough.  And we're still learning that not all carbs are created equally.

Anyway, I've decided to add a food section to my blog where I will feature a tried-and-true recipe on Fridays.  Well, I will try my best to make it every Friday!  Oh, and don't worry, I will certainly provide the serving sizes and carb counts, so you can put that Calorie King down!

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  1. I love the idea! I have gotten away from "creative" cooking since our diagnosis. It's hard to create recipes when you don't know how to figure out serving size and carbs. I tend to stick to recipes now so I know I'm not far off on the carbs. I look forward to your recipes.