Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Good Place

Okay, I admit that I think about diabetes A LOT and worry about Taylar A LOT especially with all these summer activities she has been going to.  But overall, I feel like I am in a good spot with this diabetic life.  (I can't believe I just typed that.)  Taylar's numbers have been pretty good besides the occasional nasty high or (less frequent) low.  Her A1C, although not perfect, was down 4 points since last time, and we have just been enjoying the summer.  Ice cream treats and all! 

I truly believe it is the grace of God that has put me in this place and I praise Him for that.  I think that is why there haven't been any posts from me here!  I've actually been enjoying life a little!  It's been a year since Taylar's diagnosis.  Well, one week from today will be one year.  We have come a long way and although it still is a daily battle, I feel like I've learned to handle what comes rather than react and play the blame game.

In this year, I've learned that diabetes is a big, fat, scary monster that will always do what it wants to do.  I do my best to control it, but I've realized that this monster is going to put its foot down no matter how hard I try to beat it.  It will probably always one-up me but I'm learning to accept that and educate myself further so that maybe I can at least tame this monster. 

As for Taylar... oh my goodness, I could not be any prouder of her if I tried.  She seriously has turned into a rock star at managing her diabetes.  She has been to many church functions, friend's houses, and even a summer school cooking class.  In each situation, with little or no guidance, she has been absolutely amazing at managing and monitoring herself.  Let me remind you, she just turned eight in May!  I don't know if it's the OmniPod that is helping her, but she truly has grown in this past year and has inspired me. 


  1. you are both inspiring! I am glad to hear things are going better.
    Now I need to hear about this cooking class! how fun!

  2. It is amazing out strong our D kids are. Audrey amazes me every day.

  3. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and have thought about posting a few times, but didn't get to it. Just want to say how much I appreciate your reflections. Today you said, "diabetes is a big, fat, scary monster that will always do what it wants to do". So true, but as you also point out, taking care means keeping the monster in check as much as possible. You guys are doing a great job on that. Blessings! Norm