Saturday, July 3, 2010


Talk about blog slacker.  Oh well, it's summertime.  I've already been enjoying it, believe me!  I do pop onto facebook for updates but I haven't made the time for my blog.  As I sit here tonight there is a constant drum of firecrackers exploding outside.  I'm surprised the girls are staying asleep!  Speaking of the girls, they have been so wonderful lately.  I know that Taylar is enjoying being home from school and Carissa is thrilled to have her big sister to play with.  I'm just hoping that I'm lucky enough for it to last for the whole summer.

On the diabetes side of things, Taylar has been on the OmniPod for just under two months now.  After a rocky start things definitely evened out and got much better.  But you know how it is, that didn't last long as it is still a daily battle.  Today has been down right awful!  I should have known when she woke up at 206.  I don't know how many corrections for highs Taylar has gotten today.  I just don't get it... and actually don't feel like talking about it.  But obviously something made me hang out here at my blog.  Well, at least a little venting is better than none. 

Taylar's going to bed number tonight was 232.  Taylar looks at me and says, "Mom, I wish I could go down my throat, take my pancreas out and punch it!"

I was all for it.  Hey, maybe it would make it start working again. *sigh*

Tomorrow will be another day.  A better day......I hope.

Happy 4th of July

Update since last night's post.

When I went up to check Taylar after all those highs ALL day, she was 51 at midnight!  I have no explanation.  I could have used a "Duck Diabetes" shirt today.  Ugh!

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  1. We have been dealing with a lot of lows over here. Changed some basal rates and I think it was too much. Funny how the basal rate during the day affects Audrey so much more then at night. Hopefully we will get the "kinks" worked out soon. Taylor cracks me up! I hope you have a wonderful 4th!