Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Moment in Time

The Jonas Brothers concert totally rocked!  Those guys are talented!  I absolutely enjoyed it and loved being there with Taylar.  I've been to many concerts but it has always been with my hubby and sister.  It was different, but great being there with her.  She screamed, danced and sang along through the whole show (Blood sugars pretty high all day because of all the excitement too, but I told myself it didn't matter that day.)  Even though we were surrounded by mostly teenagers I was singing and dancing along too.  Hey, If you knew what we spent on tickets you would have lived it up too!

During the show there was a "moment" that made it all worth it.  I don't even know if you'll understand it but I have to tell you about it.  First of all, the name Nick Jonas has become a household name around here.  We talk about him checking his blood sugars and what he would chose to eat etc.  It's pretty funny but when you listen to their music every single day and have such a strong connection of knowing he has type 1, you start to feel like you know the guy.  Taylar has written letters to the Jonas Brothers and everything. 

Anyway, Taylar had made a couple of signs for the show.  Our seats were dead center 3 rows from the stage.  Yes, I said 3 rows!!  So needless to say when they were singing to us they were literally right in front of us. So here comes Nick down toward the front of the stage playing his guitar.  Taylar held up her sign that says, "Nick, You're my type 1".  Nick looks at her sign, reads it, looks right in her big brown eyes and gives her the cutest smile and nod as if to say, "oh, you have type 1 like me. I get that."  Taylar put her sign down and gave me the biggest giggly hug ever.  Meanwhile I was trying not to cry seeing how happy she was and how much this meant to her.  She was so happy to actually "tell" Nick that she was like him.  They have something in common that a lot of people just don't understand.  It was definitely a "moment" she won't forget.  Even the people behind us said, "Oooh, he just read her sign!"  They were happy for Tayar too.

Nick and Kevin.  Yep, we were THAT close

I don't know if you can understand why this was such a big deal to us but it really was.  Taylar looks up to Nick Jonas.  She looks up to him because he is living out his dreams of making music, making movies, traveling, making tv shows... all while living with type 1 diabetes.  He is a perfect example of "you can do anything you want to do".  He does not hide his diabetes and he refuses to let it stop him.  Who wouldn't want their daughter looking up to someone like that?  That's not even to mention that at his age, Nick Jonas is also the National Chairman of the JDRF Walks to Cure Diabetes this year!  Check out his video message here.

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