Sunday, August 8, 2010

OmniPod Arm Bands

Taylar has been using the OmniPod for three months now.  We haven't had any pod failures that others have warned me about, and overall we are very happy with it.  There have been a couple times, however, that the pod has been knocked off accidentally.  This occurred when Taylar was wearing the pod on her arm.  Well, the only solution I could think of was wrapping the pod to her arm somehow.  I used an ace bandage type thing, a wrap by 3M that sticks to itself, and a sock cut off above the heel to create a cuff.  These things worked but were not exactly the best.

Enter me being obsessed by finding a band that works and my mother in law.  She can sew anything and makes the most beautiful quilts you've ever seen.  To my advantage, she loves it.  She has even made clothes for the girls which is a nice.  Me?  Nah.  I can cook, but don't ask me to sew.  Maybe a button or two but it's really not my thing.  Anyway, I ran the idea of some kind of stretchy arm band by her and voila, this is what we've got!

These are the two bands my mother in law came up with.  They are made out of spandex which I thought would be nice and stretchy but would hold the pod in place.  Taylar says they are comfortable to wear.  The flower decal is a nice added touch.  Because it is made of spandex, Taylar wears hers in the water too with no problem.

The only change since these pictures were taken is that we (by "we" I mean my mother in law! I don't sew remember!?) added a bit of elastic half way around the top and bottom of the arm band.  This really keeps it from sliding down over the smooth pod.

I told her we should market them because I've found nothing like this around!  Pod users...what do you think?


  1. Those are cool! I tried to make some out of some knit and T-shirt material - but it didn't work out so well. Which is a shame because the fabric was super cute.

  2. I've been looking for something that my daughter could wear around her waist to secure her pod. She is only 5, and her arms are too small for the pod right now.

  3. That's so cool :) Happy you found a solution!

    My daughter is 7 and was dx 5 years ago ... you'll find her dx story at the top of my blog "7/25/05".

    Congrats on Taylar's recent Diaversary! Here's to many more years of happiness and good health!


  4. We always do back/belly, but with gymnastics starting I was thinking of her arms.

    Can you e-mail dimensions, etc. so that I can have my mom try to sew one up?


    leighann at d-mom dot com

  5. Hey - just came across your blog. My gal Grace was dx'd at age 6 and is now 8. She uses the OmniPod and we have the same arm issues. My solution has been a cut up sock until now. I have thought about sewing something like these armbands. Can you list the dimensions and instructions for sewing them? I am an avid sewer - just have to figure out how she calculated armsize and then reduced it, along with the elastic band at top.
    Great idea!

  6. Hi girls.
    I'll have to double check with my MIL and see if she wrote down the dimensions and stuff.