Saturday, October 9, 2010

Letting Go

I'm just going to cut to the chase here.  Taylar slept over her friend's house last night.  Yep, I LET her sleep at a friends.  A non-D friend at that.  This is her first sleep over with a non-family member so this was a huge deal.  Honestly, I'm glad it's over but we all did survive.  If anything it was a great hands-on learning experience for Taylar's friend's Mom. 

Taylar's bags were packed and she was on her way at 5:00 on Friday.  I equipped the Mom with everything Taylar could possibly need in any circumstance that may arise.  I had written things down and even gave her our Calorie King book.  It all began with dinner (No phone call! This Mom is good!  Of course I was hoping for a call but she had already told me what they were going to have so I gave her a guesstimate of the carbs.) Blood sugar of 135.  Nice.  I got my first phone call around 7:00 for dessert.  The kids were jumping on the trampoline and Taylar was now testing at 62.  Those stinkin' trampolines.  Every time that girl has fun jumping around on one she goes low.  No worries though.  She had some juice and then her ice cream and was back in range after that. 

At 10:35 I hadn't heard anything about a "bedtime" reading so I called over there.  They were ending a movie but the Mom had Taylar test and she called me right back.  165.  Ok, that's a good bedtime number.  I was SO nervous though.  That's a good number if I'm going to check her again at midnight...especially after the trampoline incident.  Ugh.  You know how it is.  You get all those negative possibilities flowing through your head.  I prayed about it.  I prayed again and again.  

At 11:40 the phone rang again and it was Taylar.  She was fine.  She was just calling to say goodnight.  I guess they had gone to bed around 11 but she said she couldn't sleep until she called to say goodnight.  Awww.  I wanted to magically have her come through the phone and be at home.  Letting go.  Man, this was SO hard.  Instead I (prayed again and) went to bed. 

Somehow I got a decent night's sleep.  Taylar was 90 in the morning and eventually came home.  Looking back I'm so glad that Taylar had her first sleep over!  It is so much easier to just say no but she had an absolute ball and I know the next time will be easier....not that I'll have it happen again too soon. :-)  I'm proud of how she handled herself and her pump on her own and proud of myself for letting go.

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