Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Walk

Taylar with her photo board that was posted at the walk
This Sunday was our JDRF "Walk to Cure Diabetes".  I showed up at 7:30 a.m. with my Mom to help set things up and to run the "New Walkers" information table.  It was only about 42 degrees that morning so I was thankful they supplied hot coffee for the volunteers!

It was so exciting when our team members started to arrive!  I loved seeing everyone in their "Sweet T" t-shirts!  There were 26 of us who walked and showed up to support Taylar.  It truly was heartwarming.  Last year things happened so quickly that we only had 8 walkers so to triple our team meant a lot to me.  It meant a lot to Taylar to have five of her cousins and three of her friends show up to walk as well.  It made it lots of fun to be together. 

There was a kid's tent with face painting and such, snacks and drinks, a little traveling zoo type thing, and great raffle prizes.  Three people from my team won a raffle item so that was exciting.  There were two walk routes this year and we chose to walk the wooded trail.  It was pretty cool and I think the kids enjoyed it especially. 
Heading up to the wooded walking trail

I am happy to say that Sweet T raised just over $3,000 for JDRF!  We surpassed our goal that's for sure!  To know that our team members were out there getting donations and spreading the word about type 1 diabetes makes me feel truly blessed.  I am humbled by the whole thing.  Thank you to all the friends and family members who helped make Sweet T so successful this year.  I love you all!

Here is a close up of Taylar's photo board. A cure. What would life be like? Do I even remember?  Maybe we won't have to have a walk next year. That is what I pray for every day.

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  1. I just LOVE that your chapter does those boards!! I want to suggest that to ours! We almost tripled out team to, it is an amazing feeling. Awesome job on fundraising too!! You raised more then us and with fewer people.