Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween - Better late than never

Cowgirl Jessie and a crazy punk!

I love Halloween.  My birthday is on October 26, and growing up I would always have a Halloween costume birthday party.  My love for fall in New England and Halloween has certainly rubbed off on my kids too and we always have a fun time.  You would think that diabetes and all that trick or treat candy would cause mayhem, but I have been very lucky.  I've never been a Mom to hand out lollipops or other candy to the girls on a regular basis.  That was the same on Halloween as well, even before diabetes entered our lives.  They could each choose 2-3 pieces of candy, eat it, enjoy it, and then get over it.  No whining allowed!  This year Taylar never even asked the following day for some of her candy so the goodies we have aren't really a problem and will just be rationed out when the urge arises.

The girls and I made some pretty cool, unique Halloween decorations this year, thanks to D-Mom, Leighann.  I thought this was such a creative thing to do!  We changed these old OmniPods from this:

 To this!

Spider and pumpkin decorations made out of old used pods!

The PUMPkins and sPODers were easy and fun to make and you can find out how we did it by clicking here.  Taylar had an especially good time making an extra pump-kin and spider for her Aunt and Grandmum.  They thought they were adorable and Taylar got a kick out of them trying to guess what they were made out of.

Thanks Leighann for your creativity!

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