Monday, May 17, 2010

Better late than never.... If There Was a Cure...

I have had quite a week.  Taylar has been on the pump for 6 days now and the tiredness and newness is taking a toll on me.  I had every intention of taking part in the daily diabetes blog, but I just couldn't keep up.  I had a good cry yesterday, pulled myself up off the floor, put it behind me and feel a bit better today.  Eventhough blog week is over, I have to participate in the "if there was a cure" day.

I would no longer pray for a cure, but instead praise God that one was found!

I would sleep soundly at night and not become stressed if Taylar slept in a bit in the morning.

I wouldn't hate myself for leaving small bruises on Taylar's arms and buttocks from giving her injections.

I would re-gain a kitchen cabinet that right now it stocked wtih diabetes supplies.

I wouldn't withhold or force food based on what blood sugar numbers are on the meter.

In fact, I would throw away our meters, lancets, lancing devices, test strips for glucose and ketones, control solution, pods, insulin, alcohol wipes, pens, glucose tabs, glucagon, syringes, and anything else I missed.

I would erase the phone number to Children's Hospital from my memory.

I would not panic if I left the house during the day and left my cell phone on the counter by mistake.

I would drop Taylar off at her friends' houses or at their birthday parties without having to give explanations or just staying myself.

I would let Taylar swim, jump, run, and dance for twelve hours straight if she wanted to and not once stop her to do a test or drink juice.

I would not hear another child ask, "Hey, what's that thing?" in reference to Taylar's new pump.

I would not cry as often as I sometimes do.

I would not miss filling out paperwork for school and activities that include a heatlh history.  It would be like it used to be....blank.

I would enjoy cooking and baking again because I wouldn't have to worry about the carb counts of foods. 

I would never look up food in Calorie King anymore!

I would take the kids out for hot fudge sundaes and only leave the house with my wallet.  No supplies.

I would be overjoyed and thankful.

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  1. I'm sorry it's been a toll-taking week. Hopefully one day all our prayers will be answered.