Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hooked up

What a day!  We waited all day for the OmniPod representative to come to our house for our 2:30 appointment.  I don't think I stopped praying all day.  The morning went by okay and we were able to distract ourselves but the afternoon was tough.  Taylar started asking questions and seemed to be getting nervous but also excited at the same time about the pump.  Me? I couldn't think of anything else all day and never even ate lunch.  Of course I didn't realize this until 4:30!  Not that missing a meal would hurt me much, but still.  This is such a big step and we are only 9 months into this whole diabetes thing, so it's all very overwhelming.

The girl who met with us was named Megan and she was very nice.  She is a podder herself which made Taylar happy.  There is such an instant connection when she meets other people with diabetes.  Her smile says it all.  It's the "Hey, I'm not alone in this" smile.  My parents joined us for the training as well.  My Mom is 100% on board with learning as much as she can.  She's the one I volunteer with and attend JDRF meetings with.  She would do anything for Taylar...or Carissa, or me & Eric for that matter!  I have the best Mom in the world.  My Dad was able to help with Carissa which was nice because of course, as if on schedule, she woke up from her nap at precisely 2:31...right after Megan arrived. Ugh!

Megan walked us through the PDM remote's nitty gritty settings and how to set basal rates and deliver boluses.  Taylar showed a lot of interest in it but then hid on the couch as we were getting to the last menu to review.  She knew it was time to put the pod on.  This was the hardest part of the day for all of us.  She ran from the couch to her sister's bedroom to avoid the inevitable of being "stuck".  My husband Eric went in to get her telling her she can do it and it will be fine, etc.  Then came the tears.  There's nothing like seeing your kid cry because they're afraid.  It was totally the fear of the unknown, and nerves even though all of us (except Carissa) wore a demo pod (with the cannula inserted) at a previous appointment in Boston.

She half-heartedly peeled the backing off the pod and stuck it on her abdomen while sniffling and clutching onto Rufus, her JDRF bear, as tight as she could.  There were a few more whimpers out of fear and a few more tears while we used the remote to activate the pod.  The anticipation of waiting for the stick was the worst and at that moment seeing Taylar's face I just wanted to take it all away.  It was killing me. 

When we finally heard the click of the cannula being inserted and told Taylar it was all done she calmed down very quickly.  What a trooper!  At this point I looked at my Mom and she was white as a sheet.  I don't think she was breathing through this whole process!  Moments later after reassuring us that she was in deed okay, Taylar put her sandals on and went outside to play in the yard.  That's it.  All done.  She was fine.  She was fine. 

My parents stayed over for a while afterwards and we all got to get some much needed fresh air in the yard on this beautiful 70 degree spring day.  Mom and I kept talking about how hard it was to see Taylar upset but then as we saw her racing Carissa to the swings, shooting hoops with her Grampy, playing catch, and making mud pies in the sandbox we knew everything would be just fine.  GOD is in control.  He always has been and always will be.  


  1. The unknown and the anticipation of is it completely the worst. I found that even when doing it to myself! I have a video of inserting the DexCom into me and I'm such a baby about it! Our kids are so strong. Good luck with it!

  2. Audrey was the same way when she first started on the pump. The anticipation killed her but once it was in her she was fine. Now she is a pro and barely even flinches. Although she is very comfortable with her arm as a site but not so much with other sites. At the moment her arm is all we can use because the kid is all muscle. I actually can't wait for her to get some more "fat" on her body so we can move her sites around more.

  3. Have they told you anything about the next generation omnipod? When it is supposed to be on the market?

  4. Supposedly at the end of the year the 30-40% smaller pods should be released! I'm looking forward to it so we'll see!

  5. Lani! I didn't know you had a blog. I am excited to hear that Taylar is doing well with the new pod. It must have been heart wrenching seeing her go through that, I was upset just reading it. We are praying for you guys daily. Glad to know I can come here to look for updates on Taylar.