Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Four days in

Well, it has been four days since starting the saline trial on the pump.  Let's see.... one day I forgot to send the PDM remote to school and one day Taylar forgot to see the nurse at snack time for a bolus.  All things considered, not too bad!  I now have a sticky note on the front door to remind us on our way out to meet the bus in the morning to pack the PDM.  For tomorrow I actually put a small sticky note on her morning snack too that says, "Remember to see the nurse!".  Hey, anything to help us with this new schedule, right?  We're so far into the school year that changing what we've always done has been a bit tricky.  And on top of all the pump issues, we had to adjust Taylar's insulin because she had been running in the 200s for three days in a row.  Like we needed that.  I called our diabetes nurse educator though, who we LOVE and I think is a genius, and just like that...bam.. "normal" numbers and no more 200s.  Thank you!

We've also done two site changes since Saturday and they have gone well.  Taylar likes to use baby oil to peel the pod off and I like it because it will help keep her skin smooth and soft.  She has not shown any irritation which is great.  We were with some of my husband's family tonight to celebrate Taylar's birthday which is this Sunday, and she chose to do the site change in front of them so they could see how it works.  I was pretty proud of her.  We all were actually.  The anticipation of the cannula inserting is getting a little bit easier and I assume will get even better with time. 

Overall I can see how using the OmniPod (or any pump I'm sure) is going to make life a little bit easier.  Dare I say I feel like it will give us a little more freedom?  We have been on such a strict schedule since last August that I forget what freedom feels like.  I also feel the pod is a good choice for Taylar personally where it just attaches to her body.  She tends to always have busy fingers so not having external tubing is helpful in that.  It also fits her activity level and withstands how many times a day she changes her clothes! Ha, ha!


  1. I'm glad it's going well for you! The "pump" does give you more freedom. It is nice not to have a regimented schedule that you have to stick to.

  2. What a brave girl she is. I seriously am so amazed by how strong she is, and how calm you are in dealing with everything. Applause to you both Lani. I am glad her numbers are getting back to normal. That can be scary. Sorry we missed last night! maybe she will show me her pump next time I see her.