Friday, May 14, 2010

Let's get moving. Exercise.

Okay, so I missed a couple of days...but hopefully I'm back and will have time to participate the rest of the week!

How do we get moving?  Well, we are a family that likes to be outside so weather permitting, after school the girls are outside.  Now that Taylar rides her bike well  and spring has sprung, we go for bikes rides very often together.  We usually go for about two miles.  I have a bike bag attached to my bike so I always keep some glucose tabs in there.  I also try to remember to grab Taylar's monitor, my cell phone, and a water bottle too.  We have never run into a problem blood sugar wise when we've gone on a bike ride but it's good to be prepared.

Swimming!  Taylar is a fish and loves to swim!  I can barely talk to her when she's in the water because she is constantly underwater doing flips and handstands.  My parents live a mile away and have a pool that we visit very often in the summertime.  In addition my in-laws have a place on a lake that we visit on weekends in the summer as well.  I have never been successful telling Taylar to take a break from the water at the lake so I'm interested as to how this summer is going to go.  I plan on stocking up on some gatorade or something!

It's not exactly "pool weather" here in New Hampshire yet but since August every time Taylar has gone swimming at a hotel or at the local Boys and Girls Club she has gone low.  I just recently figured out how to handle it though.  The solution was simple really.  At first I would have Taylar do a blood sugar test and have a snack before she swims.  This wasn't enough because her swimming is so strenuous.  In addition to testing and having a snack I bring a juice box along and have her sip away at it every 15 minutes or so.  Since adding the juice she has not gone low when swimming.  I do, however, watch her blood sugar for a few hours afterwards though because sometimes she is a victim of the lag effect.

On her own Taylar is always dancing and performing for us!  I would have to say that dancing is the most consistent form of exercise she gets.  We are always summoned to her room to watch her latest routine to some great NickJonas music!  She has been taking dance for 5 years and the girl is only 8!  It is her first love and great exercise!

Whether you walk, bike, dance or swim, it doesn't matter.  Just get out there and move!

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